Don't Say a Word - About the Cast - Famke Janssen

Last Update: 24 September 2001

FAMKE JANSSEN portrays Aggie Conrad, a mother who goes to desperate lengths after her daughter is kidnapped.

Janssen most recently appeared in Jon Favreau's "Made." Last year, she co-starred with Hugh Jackman and Ian McKellen, among others, in Twentieth Century Fox's smash hit "X-Men", directed by Bryan Singer.
Janssen earned critical acclaim for her performance opposite Jon Favreau in "Love and Sex," which premiered at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival. Previous credits include "House on Haunted Hill," director Robert Rodriguez' "The Faculty," "Rounders" (opposite Edward Norton and Matt Damon) and Woody Allen's "Celebrity," in which she starred opposite Kenneth Branagh and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Additional credits include "Deep Rising" and Robert Altman's "The Gingerbread Man," in which she starred opposite Kenneth Branagh and Robert Downey, Jr. In addition, Janssen played a lower-class Irish-American Bostonian in Ted Demme's "Monument Avenue" opposite Martin Sheen and Billy Crudup. She also starred in John Irvin's "City of Industry" opposite Harvey Keitel, and as the lasciviously lethal assassin Xenia Onatopp in the James Bond film "GoldenEye." Born in Holland, Janssen now resides in the United States.

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