Ronin - Stunts

Last Update: 19 September 1998

"Ronin is basically a thriller, not a stunt movie," adds Stunt Coordinator Joe Dunne, who was responsible for supervising the film's elaborate physical action, with veteran car stunt supervisor and race car driver Jean-Claude Lagniez coordinating the substantial car chase sequences. "We had ample rehearsal time and were able to plan every action and stunt scene in minute detail."

Frankenheimer wanted the principal cast members in the cars throughout much of the spectacular car chases, which required training, practice and stunt work. "We did some high-speed driving orientation exercises to research the car chase sequences," recalls actor Jonathan Pryce, "but it didn't prepare me for how frightening it would be. I told John Frankenheimer after we shot the first of these, I've done Shakespeare, I've done Chekhov and now I've done Fear!' There was no acting required on my part, believe me."

Natascha McElhone relished the adventure of training. "Deirdre ends up doing a great deal of car-chasing, and it was terrific fun driving with the race car drivers," she says. "I would have liked to have started earlier and done more. I can't think where else I might have had the opportunity to do that for free."

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