Ronin - Technical Consultant

Last Update: 19 September 1998

The film also features several sequences of armed combat on the streets of Paris. Mick Gould, a Technical Consultant on the film, trained the cast in the methods and practice of guerilla units, teaching them how to realistically handle and fire their various weapons. A specialist in military action, Gould has worked as a regimental unarmed combat instructor, a close quarter battle instructor and an evasive and aggressive driving instructor. Gould trained the actors extensively in shooting firearms and also taught them about the behavior of terrorist groups. "I asked him about the way someone like Deirdre would behave," McElhone recalls. "I think she had some fairly rudimentary training but would not have the standard of training that Sam has. The kind of movement she's involved in would never have the luxury of resources that an American force would have. So she will make mistakes, she will blunder and get through somehow, more with self-determination than with experience or training."

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