Outlaw - Named and Famed

Source: The Observer
Jason Solomons
Sunday March 4, 2007
Named and famed
Nick Love's controversial new film Outlaw outraged many with its vigilante
violence, but it has broken the UK record for the longest list of credits.
The producers asked fans to donate to the film in return for a namecheck
and prizes such as T-shirts (for £10), a hooded top (£50) or a role as an
extra (£100). Tapping into Love's internet fanbase, the film's site got 2.5
million hits and vast numbers signed up. This raised more than £100,000
and the credit list will run to more than 3,801 names.
Fans must wait for the DVD to see their names. 'If we'd put all of them
on the cinema version, we'd have run to another reel which would have
cost a fortune,' said a source. So many offered £100 that the producers
had to limit numbers of would-be extras to watch Sean Bean, Bob Hoskins
and Danny Dyer in gory action.


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