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Sean Harris, Danny Dyer, Sean Bean, Rupert Friend and Lennie James
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Betrayed by their government and let down by the law, a renegade gang set
out to right the wrongs of the world in Nick Love's Outlaw.

Under the charge of war-veteran Danny Bryant (Sean Bean) and assisted by Lewis
(Bob Hoskins), a disheartened cop, this assortment of dejected individuals
form a modern-day outlaw posse to avenge the criminal underworld and
enforce their own brand of justice.

Gaining notoriety in their quest, the group, once disregarded by all, become
public icons. It's only when their celebrity exceeds their success that the
Outlaw legacy is destroyed.

A provocative, contemporary thriller, Outlaw explores the roots of people's
shattered lives and reveals what happens when victims of crime seek
revenge by taking the law into their own hands.
Outlaw is a story about a group of people that take the law into their own
hands and try to right what they see as wrongs in England today. It's about
people that are sick of being treated like they don't exist. Ghosts in the
system. Failed by the government and left to defend for themselves by
a redundant police force. Stripped of their voice and pushed to the back
of the queue.
Outlaw is about people that have had enough and decide to do something
about it. They take to the streets and deal with the wrongs themselves.
They take to arms and self police the long forgotten and decayed no go
There will be no excuses.
The guilty will be punished by violence.
No one is above outlaw.
Nick Love based the screenplay on newspaper stories and anecdotes he'd
been told from people all over the country. The narrative is fictional,
but many of the incidents portrayed are based on fact.
Sean filmed Outlaw May 7 - June 14, 2006 in the UK. On May 7 he was at
RAF Lyneham filming some scenes on a Hercules. Click here to see large pix.
Click here to see lots of pix from the production, and behind the scenes.


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Sean Bean
Danny Dyer
Rupert Friend
Sean Harris
Bob Hoskins
Lenny James




Action / Crime
Vertigo Films (UK)


Allan Niblo
Rupert Preston
James Richardson

Directed by

Nick Love
Nick Love

Running time
Release Dates

Premiere Screenings

09 March 2007 (UK)



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