Outlaw - Nick Love Interview

Source: BBC
Nick Love Interview
by: DanBrightmore
06 march 06

After scoring independent success with The Football Factory and The Business, uncompromising British director Nick Love reveals the master plan for funding his next movie Outlaw.
Nick Love is in a decidedly chipper mood. It's no surprise when you do the math. Pre-orders for the DVD release of last year's The Business are doing “very nicely” and with 1.6 million fans of his first two movies signed up to his website he's confident his plan of getting the audience to stump up the readies for his next project is a winner.
In a nutshell Love wants people to get “bang involved” by investing £10, £50 or £100 in Outlaw. In return they will get exclusive email updates on the films progress, their name on the credits, a finished DVD and the chance to be an extra in the film. Admitting that the funding idea is “a bit of a gimmick” Love has a genuine passion to get people involved backing a British film and reckons that this PR stunt is a “no lose situation” that could raise around £250,000 of the £1.5m budget he needs to complete the film.
Backed by cult film specialists Vertigo Films (It's All Gone Pete Tong, The Business), Outlaw looks set to be a move away from Love's stylised depictions of the macho underworld of football hooligans and a 1980s Costa del Crime focussing instead on “the ghosts in the system”. It's not that Love has lost sight of what entertains his audience it's just that this time some “nasty violence” is backed by a strong message. “It's about the break down of law and order in this country. Essentially a vigilante tale following a group of guys who decide to take the law into their own hands. People want to see a change in this country and I want the street feel of Outlaw to reflect that.” While admitting that he'll have to get the balance right to avoid gratuity, or the sermonising feel of edutainment, he promises “a fucking big riot with the old bill” complete with brick-throwing and petrol bombs.
This no-nonsense director shuns comparisons with Dead Man's Shoes maintaining that his next film has a more national focus: “This group of men come from different social backgrounds and form the gang to fight a collective sense of injustice. It's a slow burn as their lives cross over and shared experiences force them to stop talking and start doing. This sparks a chain reaction of consequences as the media lionise them, the police go after them and they become outlaws… before it all ends in tears.”
Love explains that the gang will be made up of five guys but with the added twist that the copper on their tail decides to help them. Unlike his recent work this is not a 'Sarf London' film, “it starts in London but ends up in the home-counties and new towns”. Love has yet to fully cast the film but promises some “familiar faces” and “exciting new talent”.
Love sees Outlaw as a “fucking big undertaking” which will form the focus of his filmmaking efforts over the next 18 months but he's also looking at doing a film adaptation of grimey 70s cop show The Sweeney.
To check on the progress of Love's latest or if you fancy the chance of becoming an extra in the film, the official website is up and running where you can check out a “very violent” CCTV-style trailer.
Outlaw is scheduled to hit cinemas in Autumn 2007


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