Last Update: 26 August 2000

19 February 1999

Source: New Line Cinema

Producers: Peter Jackson, Tim Sanders
Director: Peter Jackson
Writers: Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Stephen Sinclair, Philippa Boyens

USA Casting Director: Victoria Burrows
New York Casting Associate: Sue Fried
Lost Angeles Casting Associate: Jenne Herbst
UK Casting Director: Hubbard Casting
Australia Casting: Mullinars Casting Consulstants
New Zealand Casting: Liz Mullane

Shoots: Sept. 1999 - March 2001 (See below)
Location: New Zealand

NOTE: LORD OF THE RINGS comprises three full length feature films, for this purpose called Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

Part One shoots Sept.. 10, 1999 - Feb. 17, 2000
Part Two shoots May 21, 2000 - Oct. 12, 2000
Part Three shoots Oct. 29, 2000 - March 22, 2001

LORD OF THE RINGS is set in a mythical world populated by several different races or types of "people:"

Dwarves (GIMLI)

For the HOBBITS it is our intention to cast actors of a normal height and use computer graphics to make them appear smaller. This will require the actors to shoot some of their scenes against blue screen, often reacting to a piece of tape, rather than another actor. The four main Hobbits are young, fit and with the possible exception of SAM, lean. It is likely the most suitable hobbit actors will be around 5 ft. 7 inches. They are also of a similar age, with Frodo and Sam being obviously older than Merry and Pippin. We will probably use prosthetics to a limited degree - ears and maybe noses. They will wear prosthetic feet, a little larger than normal. ACCENT: BRITISH

For the HUMANS the men of Middle-earth are essentially no different to us. There are no special notes regarding the human characters, other than that most will HAVE TO RIDE HORSES. ACCENT: AMERICAN OR BRITISH.

For the ELVES they are the First Born of the peoples of Middle-earth. They are immortal, they are not subject to age or disease, but can be slain or die of grief. They are the fairest of all earthly creatures, tall and slender, graceful but not strong, resistant to the extremes of nature such as cold. Their senses, especially those of hearing and sight, are much keener than those of Men.... THE ACTORS PLAYING THE ELVES WILL HAVE TO WEAR SOME PROSTHETIC MAKE-UP, MAYBE EARS AND CONTACT LENSES. BRITISH ACCENT.

For the DWARVES they are the short, stocky miners and battlers of Middle-earth. Although about 4 feet in height, we think that casting a normal-sized person and reducing them with CG, will give us greater casting options. Dwarves should have a likable rough diamond quality. ACCENT: BRITISH.


BOROMIR. Human. 30-45 years old. Male. Strong, tall, thick-set. Boromir is the eldest son of Denethor, steward of Gondor. Introverted and something of a loner, he has been oppressed by a domineering and violent father. Boromir is mistrustful of others, particularly Wizards, and regularly pours scorn on Gandalf. Boromir believes in the greatness of men, but he has no real belief in himself. The more likable side of his character is brought out by the Hobbits, whom he finds very endearing. Boromir is easily swayed by the power of the Ring and under its influence he turns quite malicious. He does, however, come to see the error of his ways and very honorably redeems himself, dying a hero's death to save Merry and Pippin... MAJOR SUPPORTING ROLE. APPEARS IN PART ONE. ACCENT AMERICAN OR BRITISH. ALSO SUBMIT STAR NAMES.

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