The Fellowship of the Ring - Press Archive

Last Update: 04 January 2004

This is a selected archive of some of the articles that were written about Sean and
some milestone stories about The Fellowship of the Ring, from the earliest days of
rumour and pre-production, until just after filming was completed.
Stories about Sean:
Sunday Mirror - 01 June 1997 (Dashing Bean is Tipped for Fairytale Role) picture
News of the World - 12 September 1999 (Bean Bags a Top Film Role) picture
Mail on Sunday - 12 September 1999 (Sean's Bean Cast as Lord of the Ring) picture
Teletext - 13 September 1999 (Sean Bean in Lord Of The Rings)
Empire Online - 16 September 1999 (Sean Bean Rumour)
Corona Coming Attractions - 26 September 1999 (SB Rumour)
E! Online - 12 January 2000 (A (Muddy, Rainy) Day on the Set) (Sean mentioned)
E! Online - 12 January 2000 (A Quick Look at LOTR's Key Players)
E! Online - 12 January 2000 (12-Hour Filming Days) (Sean mentioned)
Sir Ian McKellen's Thoughts - 31 January 2000 (Boromir's Death)
E! Online - February 2000 (Boromir's Death)
Mad Movies - May 2000 (The Lord of the Rings: Chronicle of a foretold Masterpiece)
picture (Sean on cover)
E! Online - June 2000 (Seeing Stars Inside Rivendell) (Sean mentioned)
TVNZ - 09 June 2000 (Ian McKellen Interview (partial)) (Sean mentioned)
Ian Collier's Comments - 25 June 2000 (Clarification of The Tolkien Society's opinions)
Popcorn - 17 July 2000 (Sean Spills Beans On 'LOTR')
Movie Headlines - 18 July 2000 (Sean Bean Talks LOTR)
Queensland Courier-Mail - 26 August 2000 (Meet Me in Middle Earth) picture
Nelson Mail - 30 August 2000 (Golden Bay Buzzing as Rings Stars Arrive) (Sean mentioned)
Nelson Mail - 31 August 2000 (Creatures and crew emerge for greasies) (Sean mentioned)
E! Online - 01 September 2000 (A Buffed-Up Bean Reflects on Rings and Other Things)
Sheffield Star - 07 September 2000 (Good Lord, Action Man Bean is Killed off by
Goblins) (feature about Sean)
Pavement - 10 October 2000 (Sean Astin Interview) (Sean mentioned)
News of the World - 29 January 2001 (Bad for Your Elf) picture
Empire - April 2001 (The Lord of the Rings) picture
General Stories:
LA Times - 24 August 1998 (New Line Cinema to Produce Trilogy of Films Based on
J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings' for Director Peter Jackson)
New Line - 24 August 1998 (Press Release: New Line Cinema to Produce Trilogy of Films
Based on J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings' for Director Peter Jackson)
LA Times - 24 August 1998 (New Line Gambles on Becoming Lord of the 'Rings' )
New Zealand News - 25 August 1998 (Middle Earth Comes to New Zealand)
The Hollywood Reporter - 25-31 August 1998 (New Line getting into 'The Hobbit' with prod'n deal)
Unnamed Wellington Newspaper - undated - (Peter Jackson is to make a $264 million trilogy
based on J R R Tolkien's fantasy classic)
Film Review - November 1998 (Lord of the Rings Arrives)
New Line - 19 February 1999 (Initial Casting Info)
New Line - 07 October 1999 ("The Lord of the Rings" to begin principal photography in New Zealand)
Sunday Star Times - 17 October 1999 (Rings Star Fired After Just Two Days of Filming)
Telegraph Online - 18 October 1999 (Lord of the Rings actor sacked as filming starts)
Now - 11 July 2001 - LOTR Special Preview
New Line hosts special screening of LOTR:FOTR to benefit the NY State WTC Relief Fund -
15 November 2001
Reuters - 18 October 2001 (Lord of the Rings to Debut in London)



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