Ice Cold in Berlin (Page 1)

Last Update: 06 April 2001

Source: Cinema Magazine (Germany)

April 2001


Ice Cold in Berlin

Caption for large photo: Ready for the explosion. Pyrotechnicians prepare for the demolition of the backdrops.

Ice cold in Berlin.

The dark sides of Berlin especially attract Hollywood. The city hosts a society of emotionless zombies in the
Sci-Fi-Thriller Equillibrium.

"Turn off all mobile phones" is announced on the set. Otherwise one of the sensitive fuses could bring the demolition charge to an untimely explosion. In a few minutes, all backdrops will be blown into pieces here in the Berliner Deutschlandhalle, which has been out of use for three years. Right now, leading actor Christian Bale sits calmly in front of the camera, with a face resembling granite, and an impenetrability that has made his baddies in "American Psycho" and "Shaft" so sinister.

In the key scene of the movie, he is wired to a lie-detector that should prove that he has no emotions. But when his best friend confesses treachery, his eyes begin to move. In a second, he will burst out, reveal two guns that were hidden in his sleeves, and like Keanu Reeves in "Matrix" will gun down everyone and everything that will cross his way.


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