Ice Cold in Berlin (Page 2)

Last Update: 06 April 2001

Source: Cinema Magazine (Germany)

April 2001


With a budget of $25 million, German-
American Kurt Wimmer directs a Sci-Fi-Thriller that shows the dark sides of Berlin. Locations like Tempelhof Airport and the Olympic Stadium are the backdrop for a fascist
future state that orders its citizens to take the emotion suppressing drug Librium. "Here are these gigantic faceless buildings, that make men look like ants," says Wimmer.

So Bale is like the head ant. As model cop Preston, he accepts the death of his wife without emotion, and executes his rebellious partner. But during the interrogation of a young woman (Emily Watson) his doubts begin to appear.

When he finally stops using the drug, things start to shake up. "First it irritated me that I had to play a killer again at the beginning of the film," says Bale. "I don't want to become predictable." At least Equillibrium allows him the elegant move from obnoxious bad guy to savior of mankind. And he enjoyed the action sequences quite a bit. Apart from the shootouts, there is a Kendo-Sword fight between him and his on-screen partner Taye Diggs. "We mushed 24 wooden swords," laughs Bale.

While a stuntman moves extras into position, Bale strolls over to see his wife Sibi, who is visiting the set for a few days, and whispers in her ear. Then he sits next to her and waits - again with his trademark "empty" facial expression. It is hard to believe that this Welshman is one of the funniest persons on the set, as Bale's on-screen opponent Angus McFadyen insists. Bale entertains cast and crew almost daily with little lines from "American Psycho".

Pharmaceutical giant Hoffman La Roche was a lot less amused. By legal order of the court they prohibited the use of the name Librium, because they produce a drug with the same name. It suppresses emotions.

Nina Rehfeld
Translation by Evi Finsterer


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