LOTR - Seeing Stars Inside Rivendell

Last Update: 16 June 2000

01 June 2000

Source: E! Online

Seeing Stars Inside Rivendell

by John Forde

Shooting is hard work, periodically interrupted by director Peter Jackson and the crew adjusting focus or measuring distance from the camera and other actors. Bean, a lanky Englishman who has appeared in Ronin and GoldenEye, rehearses his lines.

They shoot the scene again and again, working long past the scheduled lunch break to reach the moment at which everyone's happy with the take. I leave them to it and head to lunch, where I catch up with the cast, who are eagerly discussing plans for the upcoming vacation. The Hobbit boys, who've recently fallen in love with surfing, talk about Southeast Asia.

Bean takes time out after lunch, then heads straight back for a long afternoon of shooting.

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