Essex Boys - The Stunts

Last Update: 18 April 2000

"We did scale models of Southend to plan the stunts," says Terry Winsor. "We had to plan where the cars would be, the actors and the cameras. That stuff had to be worked out in incredible detail beforehand. I storyboarded a great deal of the film before we started. When you are doing stunts you need to talk them through with so many people - that's why it helps to have a drawing to show them so they can see exactly
what you are looking for. I just took it one stage further."

Jeff Pope saw the merits in "going big" with the stunts: "I knew that we had some big set pieces in the film, and that it was very important that we threw everything we possibly could at them. We had a fantastic stunt team. There is a spectacular stunt where a guy comes flying out of a nightclub window. We were all petrified after as there was blood coming out of his head and he had to have some stitches. But he simply turned round to me and said 'Thanks for letting me do it'!"

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