Root of All Evil - Sean Bean is The Root of All Evil

Source: Moviehole
Date : September 1, 2007
Posted By : Clint Morris

A couple of weeks ago Kirby mentioned a new film Sean Bean is doing
called "The Cache" - today we scored a little more information on the
movie, including word on it's new title.

"Root of All Evil" - previously known as "The Cache" - is a
psychological thriller which examines three stark and not so
flattering truths about human nature -- Man's cowardice versus his
courage, women's sexual attraction to "bad boys", and the morality of
money. These truths are woven into a thematic overview inspired by a
1961-62 Yale University obedience experiment by Dr. Stanley Milgram
which proved the ease with which human beings shuck all personal
responsibility for heinous acts or crimes while under the influence
of an outside authority.

The film will be directed by Stephen Milburn Anderson. Anderson hit
the scene with his critically acclaimed debut film ''South Central''
(produced by Oliver Stone – Warner Bros. 1992). You'll recall Janet
Maslin of The New York Times considered Anderson along with Tarantino
and Tim Robbins among the hottest young up and coming directors in
the mid-90s. Anderson also penned the script.


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