Root of All Evil

Last Update: 27 September 2007

Root of All Evil (formerly called The Cache), is a psychological thriller which
examines three stark and not so flattering truths about human nature --
Man's cowardice versus his courage, women's sexual attraction to "bad boys",
and the morality of money. These truths are woven into a thematic overview
inspired by a 1961-62 Yale University obedience experiment by Dr. Stanley
Milgram which proved the ease with which human beings shuck all personal
responsibility for heinous acts or crimes while under the influence of an
outside authority. (synopsis from Moviehole)

The film is directed by Stephen Milburn Anderson (''South Central'' -
produced by Oliver Stone – Warner Bros. 1992). Anderson also wrote the script.
Australian actor Chris Hemsworth (“Kidnapped”) and Victoria Profeta
(“The Drew Carey Show”) co-star in the movie.
With a budget of $5 million, principal photography started on
September 6, 2007 in Chicago.

SEEN ON SCENE: (25 Sep 2007) Sean Bean (''The Lord of the Rings'')
celebrated the ''wrap'' of Chicago shooting on the independent film
''The Root of All Evil'' with fellow cast and crew Sunday night at Rockit Bar
& Grill. After catching a bit of the sad Bears-Cowboys game, Bean wisely
asked for a switch to a soccer match the English actor clearly was more
interested in watching!

Three scenes for Root of All Evil were shot at Chicago's O'Hare Airport on
Friday, Sept 14.
The first had Sean walking through one of the terminals, having just
arrived on a plane. Much attention was given to an unusual-looking
silver carrying case (rumor has it that it will contain a large amount of
money that will at some point be lost), and to his very interesting boots.
The second scene featured Sean's character renting a car at the Ace Rent
A Car desk. The clerk was comedian Josh Blue ( and he looked
exactly as he looks on his website. Sean's character did not crack any smile at all as
Josh went into a silly routine struggling with the computer keyboard and
paperwork, playing up his cerebral palsy (with a sign on the wall saying "We
hire the handicapped").
The director was grinning during the takes.
As Sean's character turns away from Josh, Josh gives him a cruel "mean face"
before he cheerily greets his next customer.
The third scene was shot in the parking lot, with Sean approaching a car.

Roberto Scarlato lives in Chicago, across the road from one of the locations where
Sean was filming. You can see a video he shot of Sean here.
And here's a pic of Sean. Roberto has lots more on his myspace page here.
(Look for his View My Pics section and find the Root of All Evil album)
Thanks to Roberto Scarlato for permission to use this pic and the video.

Please also visit Roger Beck's website for more pix of Sean on location.

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