LOTR - Ian McKellen Interview (partial)

Last Update: 16 June 2000

09 June 2000

Source: TVNZ (Backch@t)

Ian McKellen Interview

This is a partial transcript of Ian McKellen`s appearance on the TVNZ Arts show, Backch@t. (see the full interview under May/June 2000)


The LOTR project is shrouded in secrecy, a promo on the internet the only real public glimpse. But Sir Ian says it’s been hard work and not particularly glamorous.

IM (speech): You probably think that most film actors are overpaid and underpaid, but let me just tell you, I don’t know where you were at four o’clock this morning,(laughter) but I was on my way to Stone Street
studios where I had a three hour makeup putting on the wig and the moustache and the beard and the
nose and making me look as much like Gandalf’s stereotype as possible. And then what happened? Oh then I had ten hours on a mountain ledge in a studio (laughter) . . . and as I was leading the party with my staff, and my large pointy hat I had to clear the snow out of the way, with two huge wind machines blowing
polystyrene balls at me. (laughter). Of course you get out of breath and your mouth opens and in the balls
go (laughter) . . . into every single orifice, I assure you (laughter). . . SO there’s Gandalf leading a charming pony called Bill, whose great delight in life is to lick the salt that they put on top of the snow to make it glisten . . . and anything else within reach. Behind him came an elf, a dwarf, four hobbits and two very attractive young men, Viggo Mortenson and Sean Bean, and I know you want to know, and it’s unfortunately the truth, that none of those people is gay . . . (laughter) . . . although I’ve got my doubts about Bill the Pony . . . (laughter).

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