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By Devin Faraci
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Casting on the massive epic Troy, about the Trojan War, continues, and the
latest actor to look like he's a part of the production is Sean Bean, who
was so great as the doomed Boromir in The Fellowship of the Ring.

While appearing on some Limey talk show or other, Bean had this to say: "I
may be starting this film called Troy, which is about the Trojan War.. The
Greeks. That's going to be starting in April...It's classic, Brad Pitt is
playing Achilles and I may be playing Odysseus. It's quite a good story,
it's a Warner Bros story and a big budget film."

Anyone who knows their Greek myth knows that Odysseus is the character with
the franchise potential - the blind epic poet gave him his own spinoff, The
Odyssey, about his utter inability to follow a map.


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