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Source: Movie City News
30 Sept 2003

by David Poland
Timing is everything.
I made the trek to Troy just two weeks ago. Much of the talk around the Cabo
San Lucas set was about the hurricane that missed a few months earlier.
As explained by various crew, "If that thing had hit, it would have torn up the
wall and just blown it away." The sense of relief that it had not happened
was palpable.
The road to Cabo has been a long one. Troy came together in a hurry after
years of simmering interest, when the power of David Benioff's screenplay
pulled both director Wolfgang Petersen and star Brad Pitt off of other
greenlit projects in order to make this film. As Petersen describes it, they
saw the script in May 2002 and were in pre-production by September.
Production started in London in April of this year, where the interiors were
shot. From there, it was on to Malta, where the city of Troy was built and
filmed. A massive undeveloped part of Cabo, about 20 minutes out of
downtown, took over the role of the outside of Troy, offering a wide open
beach for the 1000 ships to land on and for the wall of Troy, where a massive
battle takes place before someone thinks of building a horse of a different
In a stroke of luck, principle photography wrapped on Friday, a little later
than the original schedule, but in line with the most reason estimates of
a wrap date, leaving only a week or two of second unit photography due
to be done after the Hurricane Marty blew through town on Sunday.
The biggest problem caused by the Marty was on the beach sets, where the
few real ships the show was using were already dramatically burned… and
are now apparently destroyed. Also damaged badly was a stone castle that
sat on the beach, looking invulnerable to any weather conditions…. except
that in reality, it too was plaster.
"The Wall" was built 500 feet across and 73 feet high; creating an imposing
landmark that was set for destruction as soon as production was over. Made
out of plaster & fiberglass and secured by sturdy rigging, you would never
guess how vulnerable the wall is by looking at it.
There was some damage to The Wall and there will be some reconstruction
for some of the 2nd Unit production shots that have to be done in front of The
Wall. But you can rest your hearts from worries about Brad or Eric or Orlando…
they are fine. In fact, there were no humans killed or injured When Marty Met
Troy. There was some broken Plaster of Paris, but Paris himself (Orlando
Bloom) actually left Mexico weeks before.
The delay to production should be minimal. And there will be no effect on the
release date of the film, scheduled for May 14.


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