Troy - Press Archive - Guards Arrested in Theft on Film Set

Source: Miami Herald
28 Sept 2003

Guards Arrested in Theft on Film Set
Associated Press
CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico - Police arrested six security guards hired to
protect the set of the upcoming Warner Bros. film "Troy," and charged
them with stealing an all-terrain motorcycle and tools belonging to the
production crew, police said Saturday.
Producers built a replica of ancient Tory in Baja California Sur, not far
from the Pacific Coast resort city of Cabo San Lucas. The set, which is
closed to the media and visitors, sustained minor damage when
Hurricane Marty blew through the area Monday, said Cabo San Lucas
police captain Francisco Solis.
Solis said six Mexicans hired as part of the set's private security team
had complained for several days that they hadn't been paid since before
the hurricane arrived. On Friday, they stole a 2003 Honda four-wheel
motorcycle designed for use on sand dunes, a chain saw and an air
compressor from the set.
When confronted by police officers, the suspects said they had planned to
sell the stolen goods to recuperate their back wages. The group remained
jailed in Cabo San Lucas late Saturday, Solis said.
Directed by Wolfgang Peterson and starting Brad Pitt, Peter O'Toole and
Orlando Bloom, "Troy" is scheduled to hit theaters next year. It retells
the classic tale that begins in 1193 B.C. when Paris, a prince of Troy,
steals Helen, queen of Sparta, from her husband, prompting an
army of Greeks to lay siege to Troy.


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