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Sept 2003
Los Cabos, Mexico (25 September 2003). - The producers of Troy wish that
the public sees on screen the greatest number possible of real images, so
as of this week shooting will be suspended temporarily to reconstruct the
set damaged by the hurricane ' Marty'.
Although the executives had the option to make the last scenes of the film
in a studio in London, since there were only 15 days left of filming the
final decision was to remake the city used for scenes.
One of the architects who designed the wall mentioned that in the next days
crew will begin to repair the facade, that measures more than 500 meters wide
by 20 meters.
The crew took advantage of the past few days in which there was no
shooting to repair the access routes to the set; they also collected and
washed the suits of the extras that were scattered several meters around
last Monday.

Los Cabos, Mexico (23 September 2003). - In this history it was not a wooden
horse that ended Troy , but the hurricane "Marty", that at dawn yeterday
devastated the mythical city constructed here for the film starring Brad Pitt
and Eric Bana.
The natural phenomenon collapsed the set where Troy is filmed , directed by
Wolfgang Petersen.
A few hours were enough so that the wall constructed disappeared thanks to
winds of 130 kilometers that were registered during the presence of the
"This time we were taken by surprise since with the hurricane Ignació yes we
had time to prepare", said a source close to production, that requested not
to be identified.
The costumes, including armors, helmets, shields and lances, added the
spokesman, were also severely damaged; some of those accessories appeared
up to 500 meters of distance of the warehouse where they were kept.
Two boats of battle, that were constructed near the beach, also were severely
Only some elements of the production could approach the ruins of the set on
board of special vehicles to assess the damages caused by the hurricane
because the access routes were also damaged.
It is probable that the scenes that were left to film will now be done with
the aid of digital technology in a studio in London.
As the rains stopped yesterday afternoon, the extras received a call for
shooting today at 5:00am, although it is not known if filming will continue
here following the damage caused to the set.

Los Cabos, Mexico (22 September 2003). - The surprise arrival of the hurricane
"Marty", that hit today at dawn, forced the production of the film Troy, in the
Cabos San Lucas, to tentatively pospone filming until Wednesday.
The rain and winds of approximately 130 kilometers per hour caused damages
in the area where for 3 months filming has been underway, starring Brad Pitt.
This is not the first time that the production of Wolfgang Petersen has been
suspended due to inclement weather, since last month the tropical storm
"Ignacio" gave several free days the actors, extras and personnel who work
on the film.
"Filming was suspended until further notice. I have been advised that the
set was not damaged, but the access route is currentlly blocked. For that
reason we hoped to resume tomorrow or soon after if the time allows it,"
commented an assistant who requested anonymity.
Another source close to production said that the extras battle costumes
were damaged, since the ones in charge of this department did not
anticipate the arrival of the natural phenomenon.
"Everything has happened to us in this shooting, from attempts of strike,
rains, hurricanes, delays and others", said another spokesman this morning.
According to some witnesses, Pitt, Eric Bana, as well as other actors,
remain in the city of South Baja California to film the last scenes of the epic.
For nearly 500 extras that are involved in the shooting of Troy it was a
break, since in addition to not having duties on the set, most of the
businesses and banks remained closed due to electircity, water and
telephone lines not being available.

Translated by the rose byrne site with the aid of Alta Vista Babel Fish.
Original articles appeared on in Spanish.


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