Troy - Press Archive - Looking ahead with high hopes to summer of '04

Source: Hollywood Reporter
22 Aug 2003
Looking ahead with high hopes to summer of '04
By Martin A. Grove
(Excerpt from long article about 2004 summer releases)
May 14 will see Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow launch the action
adventure period piece drama "Troy" May 14. Directed by Wolfgang
Petersen and written by David Benioff, among its many stars are Brad Pitt,
Eric Bana ("The Hulk"), Orlando Bloom ("Pirates of the Caribbean"),
Diane Kruger, Sean Bean and Brian Cox. When the Greeks and Trojans
go to war following the kidnapping of Helen, Queen of Sparta, by Paris,
a prince of Troy, the Greeks are led by Achilles (Pitt) and the Trojans
are led by Prince Hector (Bana). Besides a classic tale of war and
Pitt's name on the marquee, "Troy" has a superstar director in
Petersen ("The Perfect Storm"). It's hard not to bet with the house
on "Troy."


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