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Source: Sheffield Star
01 August 2003
Why his latest film role is all Greek to Sean
WORLDWIDE travel, months in the sun and workouts with Hollywood's
stars - life sounds like a dream for Sheffield's Sean Bean.
But the filming of his latest blockbuster Troy hasn't been completely plain
sailing for the Sheffield United fan and his fellow superstars.

The Wincobank lad is in Los Cabos, Mexico, filming the final part of the
Ancient Greek epic, in which he plays Odysseus one of the great leaders of
the Trojan War.

So far, filming locations have been changed because of the war in Iraq,
thieves have plundered equipment from the set and a cast member died after
an accident.

But Sheffield's finest acting export appears cool and relaxed when spotted
during filming.

The 43-year-old was described as 'muscular' in the press, during the last
section of filming in Malta.

He was snapped outside gyms and was regularly spotted hanging out with
co-stars Orlando Bloom and Diane Kruger in the sun.

The latest film Troy charts the bloody path of the war, which encompasses a
10-year conflict, bloody battles and features a raid using a large wooden horse.

It sees him reunited with Orlando Bloom, who he stared with in Lord of the Rings.

Other members of the star-studded cast include Brad Pitt, who plays legendary
Greek hero Achilles, Hulk frontman Eric Bana, who swaps ripped clothes for
sandals to play Trojan prince Hector, and veteran actor Peter O'Toole.

The turbulent 10 weeks in Malta ended this month.

During that time George Camilleri, a keen bodybuilder and former Mr Malta,
died after breaking his leg during an action sequence. Directors were given a
further scare when a laptop was stolen from the editing suite of the set -
although no film footage was on the stored computer.

And plans to film the final part of the movie in Morocco had to be scrapped
because of continuing uncertainly caused in the region by the war against

Despite that, Bean's directors on the $145 million dollar flick remain confident
that filming will finish by September.

Director Wolfgang Petersen said Troy was a 'timely and moving drama' for our

He added: "Our goal is that of the classical Greek tragedies. They allow the
audience to experience the tragedy of the world and draw their own

Troy is scheduled for release in Britain in May next year.


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