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27 September 2002
'Hulk' star going Greek
Bana to play noble Trojan in 'Troy'
Eric Bana, who'll appear next summer in Universal tentpole "The Hulk,"
directed by Ang Lee, has gone from green to Greek.

The Aussie thesp whose breakthrough perf in 2000's "Chopper" turned heads
has now signed on to star opposite Brad Pitt in Wolfgang Petersen's war
epic "Troy," for Warner Bros. Pictures.

Bana will portray the noble Trojan Prince Hector, who is ultimately slain by
the Greeks' best fighter, Achilles (Pitt).

The update of Homer's "The Iliad" was adapted by novelist-screenwriter
David Benioff, scribe of Spike Lee's upcoming film, "The 25th Hour."

For those unfamiliar with the tale, the ugliness in Peloponessia got started
around 1193 B.C., when the Trojan Prince Paris (brother to Hector) stole away
Helen, wife of the Greek Menelaus, to Troy. In response, the Greeks began a
bloody and ultimately successful siege that lasted almost a decade.

Petersen will be producing "Troy" with Diana Rathbun, and production is slated
to begin next spring.

Pitt had recently ankled Warner Bros.' newest Darren Aronofsky project, "The
Fountain," making "Troy" his next project (Daily Variety, Aug. 29).

Bana's credits include "Black Hawk Down" and the Australian working-class
comedy "The Nugget," which screened at this year's Toronto Film Festival.
"Chopper" was based on the bestselling memoir of career criminal Mark
"Chopper" Read, who spent time in jail for murder and for the attempted
kidnapping of an Australian magistrate.

Bana is repped by WMA and the Australia-based Lauren Bergman


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