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Source: Natural Motion
25 June 2003

Virtual Stuntmen Debut in Hollywood Epic Troy
Oxford technology chosen for Warner Bros Production, starring Brad Pitt
Oxford, UK, 25.06.2003; The first ever Virtual Stuntmen will be used in Troy,
the Hollywood epic directed by Wolfgang Petersen (Air Force One,
The Perfect Storm), starring Brad Pitt (Fight Club, Seven) as Achilles.

Leading visual effects house The Moving Picture Company (London, UK) chose
virtual humans developed by NaturalMotion (Oxford, UK), to help create
ultrarealistic action scenes for the movie.

NaturalMotion’s software endorphin, born out of Oxford University Zoology
research into the neurobiology of human motion, uniquely creates virtual
characters whose bodies react exactly like real humans to whatever forces
are applied to them - offering infinite and totally realistic reactions to
explosions, falls, punches or whatever else an action scene might require.

Julian Mann of The Moving Picture Company, said: "endorphin gives us the
ability to identify stunt requirements and generate motion capture in a
matter of minutes. The data from endorphin is the perfect complement to
traditional motion capture data.

endorphin stunt men never sleep, they never need an ambulance and they
quite happily work after being decapitated."

Torsten Reil, CEO of NaturalMotion, said: “We’re proud that MPC have chosen
our technology for this project. endorphin is a powerful piece of software, and
with MPC’s track record, we’re looking forward to some incredible scenes.”

endorphin uses NaturalMotion’s Active Character Technology, which simulates
the actor’s body as well as their brain. The virtual actors learn how to
move and react using neural networks and artificial evolution. They sense
and react to the environment and can be directed just like real actors.

Torsten Reil: “We spent a long time teaching our virtual actors the
necessary skills for this. It’s a great feeling seeing them used in such an
impressive project.”

Shooting for Troy started in April. The film will be on worldwide release in


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