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Source: DI-VE News
01 July 2003

Laptop computer stolen from "Troy" film set in Malta
by Charlot Zahra

Equipment found missing from editing suite at Rinella, no signs of forcible
entry detected

RINELLA, Malta (di-ve news) A laptop computer being used by the
production crew of the film “Troy” was stolen from the editing suite at
Rinella early on Monday morning, the Police confirmed on Monday
Media reports earlier in the day had said that the stolen laptop contained
some of the scenes shot by the crew in Malta.
However, speaking to di-ve news in the afternoon, Mr Winton Azzopardi,
producer of the film, denied that the laptop contained any footage of “Troy”.
“There is no truth to it. It was just a small laptop. We do not keep footage
on that”, Mr Azzopardi insisted.
He explained that the footage is acquired on film and taken to a laboratory
in England for processing, where it is stored in a vault.
The producers then receive back the tapes of the rushes around some time
later, Mr Azzopardi added.
The media reports added that the discovery of the missing equipment was
made in the morning, and that no signs of a forcible entry were discovered.
Indeed, the Police confirmed to di-ve news on Monday noon that a report
about the theft of the laptop was actually filed on Monday morning at the
Cospicua police station.
They added that the laptop was last seen the previous Friday, June 27, 2003.
The Police also said that duty magistrate Miriam Hayman was informed
about the case and is conducting an on-site inquiry.
She appointed various experts to assist her, including architect Richard
Aquilina and the Police forensic section.
Inspector Anthony Cassar from the Cospicua Police Station is leading the
investigations on this case.
“Troy”, a Greek epic, is being directed by Wolfgang Petersen, and is set to
cost $180 million.
Among the actors taking part in this film, there is Brad Pitt, who is playing
the role of Achilles. He has been in Malta for the past two months,
accompanied by his wife, Jennifer Aniston.
Other stars acting in “Troy” include Diane Kruger as Helen, veteran actor
Peter O’Toole and Orlando Bloom and Sean Bean, well-known for their
parts in “Lord of the Rings”.


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