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Source: Times of Malta
29 June 2003

Troy filming 'behind schedule'
Alexander Muscat Azzopardi
Most of the $180 million that Wolfgang Petersen's blockbuster Troy will
cost has been spent in Malta. The largest set Rinella has ever seen has
been built for the film, but it shall be burned down in a climactic scene.
The film's takings are expected to outgross those of Gladiator, which
was also partly shot in Malta.
The part of Achilles in Troy is played by Brad Pitt, who has been in Malta
for almost two months, and who was visited here by his wife Jennifer
The cast includes Diane Kruger as Helen, Orlando Bloom and Sean Bean,
both of Lord of the Rings fame, and veteran actor Peter O'Toole.
Speaking to The Sunday Times, amateur photographer Mark Cassar said
that Brad Pitt was hard to catch on camera. According to some foreign
paparazzi he befriended, "he's the hardest celebrity to catch on film ever."
Security around Pitt was of the highest level, making the job so much
harder for Mr Cassar and other would-be paparazzi. "They were always a
step ahead of us, sending us on a wild goose chase on many occasions."
Security was beefed up for the few days that Pitt's wife came to visit him.
He is staying at a villa near Maghtab.
"He sticks to a very strict diet, training two hours a day, and working 12-hour
shifts on location... but he has a weakness for ice-cream and for sushi."
The camera-crew and cast were supposed to leave Malta on June 19, but
their departure was delayed till next Wednesday, another source, who
preferred to remain anonymous said. He added: "Filming has fallen behind
schedule, and they might have to stay on till the 10th."
Brad Pitt is rumoured to be interested in buying property in Malta.


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