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Source: Sunday Mail
08 June 2003


James goes to war with Brad Pitt in £140m epic

Thomas Quinn
BRAVEHEART star James Cosmo is going even further back into history for
his next Hollywood role.
After waging war on the cowardly English, the fierce Scot is to battle it out
with Brad Pitt in Troy, the most ambitious historical epic ever made.
In the £140million movie, James, 55, will play General Glaucus, a warrior
who will stop at nothing to prevent the Greeks, led by Brad Pitt's Achilles,
from overrunning his city.
He is already calling on all his Braveheart experience as Campbell, the
woad-painted, kilt-wearing, broadsword-wielding Highland warrior for the
He has grown a long beard and has been practising bareback horse riding
to prepare for his battles with long-haired Troy boy Brad.
And instead of the kilt, he'll be wearing leather body armour that, he says,
"gives you the best six-pack in the world".
Trojan Glaucus, like Campbell, is a patriot prepared to fight to the death.
"It is a pretty good part," says James. "I mean, the film's budget is something
like dollars 200 million - a lot of money isn't it?
"It is very exciting to be part of a big movie. The scale of these things is just
so vast.
"They've got a huge amount of money to spend and a terrific cast. I really
love the script and I think it is going to be at least as good as Gladiator.
I really have very high hopes for it.
"They are out in Malta filming just now and then Mexico for a couple of months
from July. And that's where they start doing the battle stuff." As well as
Clydebank- born Cosmo and Hollywood hunk Pitt, the movie stars Peter
O'Toole, Saffron Burrows, Scotland's own Brian Cox, Sean Bean as Odysseus
and Lord Of The Rings actor Orlando Bloom.
Millions are being spent on special effects and on dramatic, full-sized sets.
On James's first day on the set, the scale of the picture hit home. He says:
"It was a scene we did at Shepperton Studios and I must admit it was quite
"Peter O'Toole was sitting on a throne as King Priam, director Wolfgang
Petersen was there and all these technicians - it seemed like hundreds of
"You think `Can I have any more pressure on me please?' But it's good for
"It was an amazing set. We were inside but it looked like we were in an open
courtyard with the sky above. It was quite remarkable - you could tell this is
a very big film."
Pictures of Pitt in costume, with long hair - and a mobile phone - have
already been beamed all around the world, leaving female film fans keen
to see the movie.
James has yet to film his scenes with Brad but is looking forward to meeting
him again. They first met seven years ago when Brad was dating Gwyneth
Paltrow and James was working with her on the movie, Emma.
"He is a really nice guy and I'm sure he'll be great to work with," said James.
"He's a terrific actor with lots of talent."
As it is essential for James to look the part of a Bronze Age soldier, he's
been working out and has even grown a beard. "I look like Methuselah!" he
says. "It's pretty terrible to wear and I'm looking forward to the day when I
can shave it off.
"I've also lost tons of weight. I was overweight at the beginning of the year
when I flew to meet Wolfgang in Los Angeles."
The German director confessed he'd never seen Braveheart. James said:
"The only thing he said he'd seen me in was an Easter play I did called
The Centurion."
He went on: "Wolfgang told me: `I loved you in that, it was very good.
No one else is going to play Glaucus. Now, James, I want you to grow
everything. Grow the moustache and grow the beard - grow everything,
James, except the belly.'
"Well, I took that as a nod in the right direction. So I put myself on a strict
regime of diet and exercise and now I love it.
"I used to run a lot but, over the last couple of years, I've got very lazy and
my son and I watch The Simpsons at night, eating chocolates and things.
"It's easy to get really sloppy. But I'm back in the harness and really enjoying
James lives in London with his wife Annie and their young son but he's
committed to working in Scotland. He remains part of the consortium
seeking to build the country's first studio complex in Inverness, a project
he's "extremely confident" will bear fruit one day.
His remarkable record on screen earned him the Sunday Mail People's Film
Festival lifetime achievement award in 2001.
Meanwhile, his recent roles have been in three low-budget films all made
north of the border. He stars in Skagarrak with Gary Lewis and Helen Baxendale,
The Bum's Rush with Kevin McKidd and Dougray Scott and Man Dancin' with
former EastEnders bad guy, Alex Ferns.
James insists he will carry on working on smaller-budget films.
He says: "I'm working on a huge film now, and it's great. But it's good to
do small films as well because, on those, everyone is so committed and no
one minds the long hours or the fact the lunches aren't wonderful.
"People do these films because they really care about them."
But the craggy Scot knows Troy is an epic movie... and he just can't wait to
join battle with Hollywood pretty boy Brad.


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