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Source: Times of Malta
05 May 2003
'Troy' filming starts

Filming has started on the film "Troy", starring heart-throb Brad Pitt, and is
expected to last some eight weeks.
The other members of the stellar cast include Diane Kruger, Eric Bana,
Orlando Bloom, Julie Christie and Peter O'Toole.
Directed by Wolfgang Petersen and scripted by David Benioff, "Troy" is
based on the classic Greek tale, The Iliad, by Homer.
Apart from Malta, it is also being filmed in England and Los Cabos, Mexico.
The $150 million film is intended for worldwide release by Warner Bros
Distribution in May next year.
"Troy" has applied to the Maltese and UK governments for co-production
status - between Warner Bros UK and Latina Pictures - which allows the
film to qualify for incentives from both countries, co-producer Winston
Azzopardi said.
At the moment, 375 Maltese are employed on the building of the set and
60 British crew are already in Malta.


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