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13 November 2002
Troy Boy
Girls rejoice, for Orlando Bloom, the keeper of your hearts and poster boy for
the hormonally imbalanced everywhere, may be sporting an attractive skirt and
sandals ensemble in Wolfgang Petersen's impending epic, Troy. Joining Brad
Pitt and Eric Bana, Bloom is currently poised to leap into the Grecian history
books as Paris, the brother of Hector and Helen of Troy's bit on the side.
Bringing the glory of Homer's Iliad to life, Troy charts the bloody path of the
Trojan war, which encompasses a ten year conflict, numerous bloody battles
and an unfeasibly large wooden horse. Pitt takes the lead as legendary Greek
hero, Achilles, with Bana standing on the other side of the wall as Trojan prince,
Hector. Bloom's Paris is the man who provoke's the wrath of Menelaus, the
Spartan King - by spiriting away his beautiful wife Helen - and kicking the whole
fracas off in the first place.
Given the rabid appetite you ladies seem to have for this young Canterbury
native, we can't think of a better person than Bloom to bring great nations to
war with the consequences of his rampant libido.


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