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Source: Malta Independent
09 May 2003
Troy: Possibly the largest set being built at present

Staff Reporter
The epic movie Troy, currently being produced in Malta, has “a unique
script”, Warner Bros UK executive Roy Button said yesterday.
“Whoever has read the movie script has said that it is unique,” said Mr
Button, addressing journalists yesterday on the occasion of Prime
Minister Eddie Fenech Adami’s visit to the film set.
In the background, the majestic palace of Priam was being constructed -
it is expected to be completed in about three weeks.
“This is possibly the largest set being built at the moment - if not in the
world, at least in Europe,” said Mr Button.
“The island lends itself so much to the subject,” he added. “I think it’s
going to work out extremely well.”
However, producers were reticent to disclose more information on the movie.
Producer Diana Rathbun (The Perfect Storm) who is producing the film with
Wolfgang Petersen and Colin Wilson (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) said “there
are certain things in the movie that are going to be different from the story,
but also very recognisable”.
But when pressed for more, she said that the audience will discover more
when the movie is released. “It is a movie for all times,” she said.
Unfortunately, it was not an occasion for Brad Pitt fans, because none of
the film’s stars were present. Ms Rathbun said that a few Maltese actors
have small parts in the film.
Troy is the first UK-Malta co-production between Warner Bros and the
Maltese co-producer Latina Pictures, meaning that for the first time ever
Malta will feature as a co-producing country in the credits of an epic movie.
Co-producer Winston Azzopardi said there are currently 484 locals working
on the film, mostly on the set. He said construction of the set began on 8
January and is expected to be completed in three weeks’ time.
Filming of Troy, an epic based on the classic Greek tale The Iliad by Homer,
began in England before moving to Malta. It will continue in Malta for two
months before moving to Los Cabos, Mexico, where principal photography is
scheduled to wrap at the end of August, said the film’s publicist Rob Harris.
Troy is scheduled for worldwide release by Warner Bros Productions Ltd and
Village Roadshow Pictures in May 2004, said Mr Harris.
The movie will be shot in various locations around the island, including Fort
Ricasoli, Hal Far, Ghajn Tuffieha, Golden Bay and Dwejra.
The film is directed by Wolfgang Petersen (The Perfect Storm) from a script
by David Benioff (The 25th Hour). It stars Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando
Bloom, Julie Christie and Peter O’ Toole.
Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami said he was very happy Malta had
found its place as a location for the shooting of films. “You are transforming
Malta into Troy,” he told the producers.
The Prime Minister said the movie was the result of Malta signing the
European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production in 2001.
Dr Fenech Adami also said having Malta on the big screen will help to
promote its image. “I am sure there will be others to follow,” he said.


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