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28 March 2003

Eleventh-hour talks prevent walkout on Harry Potter film set
UK film workers have resolved a pay dispute with the makers of Harry
Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban that was headed for strike action
today. The walk-out would have resulted in serious delays for the Warner
Bros production of the third Potter episode and a second picture called
Troy, an historical epic starring Brad Pitt - but was averted after lengthy
Bectu, the union representing more than 400 skilled workers on the UK
sets of both pictures, said its members had threatened industrial action
if demands for a pay rise were not met by today. The Independent
newspaper said part of the agreement included a shortening of the
working week from 50 to 45 hours.
Harry Potter is filming at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire while Troy
has set up shop at London's Shepperton Studios. Both are scheduled for
release in the US in summer 2004. Warner Bros and Paramount are
setting up a timetable for annual talks with Bectu, due to begin in


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