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26 March 2003
Potter and Pitt In Trouble?
The three biggest movies currently shooting in the UK - Harry Potter and
the Prisoner of Azkaban, Troy and Thunderbirds - might be seriously stalled
if construction workers go ahead with a mass walkout this Friday in a
protest over pay and conditions.
Hundreds of freelance set painters, carpenters and builders have handed
in their notice to quit work on the three films and will put down their tools
at the end of the week unless the dispute is resolved. The construction
crews' two main complaints are that pay has not been increased since 1999
and that they are made to work a standard 50-hour week, which is illegal in
many European countries.
The walkout couldn't come at a worse time for the three big budget flicks.
Thunderbirds has just returned to the UK's Pinewood Studios after shooting
in the Seychelles while Brad Pitt's Troy is busy in pre-production at
Shepperton Studios. And shooting on Harry Potter's third cinematic outing
has only just got under way this month.
Negotiations between the protesting chippies and the films' producers are,
however, already under way in an effort to keep the arrival at your local
picture house of Harry, Brains and Achilles right on schedule.



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