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15 Jan 03
Byrne signed for epic role opposite Pitt
By Peter Cochrane

Rose Byrne has become the second Australian actor signed to Wolfgang
Petersen's big-budget retelling of the Trojan War.
Byrne will play Brad Pitt's love interest in the epic Troy, which is based on
The Iliad.
"I am a bit in shock," she said yesterday of the casting.
Shooting begins in the northern spring in Britain, Malta and Morocco for a
2004 release. Also in production or about to go into production then will be
rival Alexander the Great projects by Baz Luhrmann and Oliver Stone.
Pitt has been cast in Troy as the Greek hero Achilles opposite Eric Bana's
Trojan prince Hector.
Orlando Bloom plays Hector's brother Paris, who steals the beautiful Helen
away from her husband, Menelaus, the king of Sparta, and sparks the war
between Greece and Troy. Byrne would play Briseis, a Trojan slave girl
given to Achilles.
She is now shooting Wicker Park, a thriller set in New York, opposite Josh
Hartnett. It is one of at least four films starring Byrne set for release this
Her first lead role was in Two Hands (1999). She won best actress at the
2000 Venice International Film Festival for her role in Clara Law's The
Goddess of 1967, and most recently appeared as Dorme in Star Wars:
Episode II - Attack of the Clones.


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