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Feb. 19, 2003

Warner Bros. Pictures is disputing a published report in Britain's Guardian
on Tuesday that says the Wolfgang Petersen-directed "Troy," scheduled to
begin shooting in late April in Morocco, "has been put on hold due to fears
of a terrorist attack and a looming war on Iraq." The report claimed that the
studio could not "guarantee the safety of the cast and crew in the Muslim
country." Countered Dawn Taubin, the studio's president of domestic
marketing: "It has not been put on hold, we are still going forward." Taubin
said that Warners could not comment on whether the location of the shoot will
change, though sources close to the project said that filming would most
likely shift locations, possibly to Mexico. "The safety and welfare of the
cast and crew is of utmost importance to us, and we will bear this in mind as
we make production decisions," Taubin said. Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando
Bloom and Rose Byrne are on board to star. "Troy" has been eyeing a May 21,
2004, release date -- as has Paramount Pictures' "Mission: Impossible 3." But
that prime piece of pre-Memorial Day real estate just got even more crowded
as Universal Pictures dropped down a marker on it for its monster mash, the
Stephen Sommers-directed "Van Helsing." (Zorianna Kit)


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