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Ayup, 'Ere Comes Odysseus

It's all unofficial, mind and not at all confirmed, but our favourite northerner Sean
Bean may be bringing a little bit of Yorkshire to Wolfgang Petersen's Troy by
playing the wily Greek hero Odysseus.

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show on BBC Radio 2, the gravel-voiced lad let
slip that he might be joining Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom in slightly sunnier climes
than his native Sheffield. "I may be starting this film called Troy, which is about
the Trojan War that's going to be starting in April. Brad Pitt is playing Achilles and
I may be playing Odysseus," Bean revealed before rather unnecessarily adding
about Homer's epic poem, "It's classic and quite a good story - it's a Warner Bros
story and a big budget film."

If his comments are true, Bean has truly landed himself one covetable part.
For Odysseus is not only one of the most intelligent, cunning and charismatic of
the lot on the Greek side – the famous Trojan horse was his idea - but he's the
chap who gets the sequel too in the shape of Homer's Odyssey.

Although Empire Online does harbour a few worries as to quite what accent Bean
may decide to use while he commands his Ithacan troops. He may have mastered
the archetypal British spy speak in Goldeneye but there was more than faint hint
of flat caps in his valiant attempt at the strange RP accent all men in Middle Earth
seem to speak in The Fellowship of the Ring. So Sean Bean attempting a Grecian
twang might be just too amusing for words.

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