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Sean Bean Playing Odysseus in Troy?
Tuesday, February 4, 2003 10:29 CST

Sean Bean, who couldn't resist the one ring in The Lord of the Rings: The
Fellowship of the Ring as Boromir, told The Jonathan Ross Show on BBC
Radio 2 that he may next star in Warner Bros.' epic Troy. Here's the
highlights of the conversation...

"I may be starting this film called Troy, which is about the Trojan War.. The
Greeks. That's going to be starting in April...It's classic, Brad Pitt is playing
Achilles and I may be playing Odysseus. It's quite a good story, it's a Warner
Bros story and a big budget film."

This has not been officially announced yet, but with the production nearing it
sounded like he was pretty sure. Thanks to 'Mary' for the heads up!


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