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Last Update: 28 December 2002

December 23, 2002 - January 3, 2003

By Derek Elley

A First Floor Features production, in association with Cine II CV.
Produced by Laurens Geels, Dick Maas. Executive producer, Frank Thies.
Directed, written by Esme Lammers.

Camera (color), Marc Felperlaan; editor, Bert Rijkelijkhuizen; music, Paul M. van Brugge;
production designers, Jelier & Schaaf; costume designer, Linda Bogers.

Reviewed on videocassette, London, Dec. 7, 2002. (In London Film Festival.) English dialogue.
Running time: 111 MIN.

With: Sean Bean, Aaron Johnson, Inday Ba, Derek de Lint, Bill Stewart, Sean Harris, Geraldine James.

Though it's set in present-day London, there's an almost Dickensian feel to kidpic "Tom & Thomas," a likable yarn about a
9-year-old boy and his spiritual twin that is tailor-made for Christmas or Easter skeds on the small screen. Solid cast, led by
Sean Bean and tyke thesp Aaron Johnson, plus good production values make this a professional English-language debut
by Dutch director Esme Lammers, whose enjoyable semi-fantasy, "Long Live the Queen," was a B.O. hit on home turf in 1996.

Working with an almost identical team, including her partner, exec producer Dick Maas, Lammers opens the film with a
kidnapping sequence set in snowy, nighttime London that's pure Victorian. What initially seems to be a dream by Thomas
(Johnson), a lonely middle-class kid who lives with his painter father, Paul (Bean), turns out to be the start of an adventure in
which Thomas finds he has an exact double, Tom, a boy at a grim orphan's home who helps to expose a child-smuggling ring.
Strong cast plays the whole thing in likable style, aided by attractive, atmospheric lensing on London and Dutch locations by d.p.
Marc Felperlaan.

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