Last Update: 26 January 2002

On Saturday 26 January 2002, the TV program "Starring" for the Yorin TV-company in the Netherlands had an interview with Sean, Aaron Johnson and Esme Lammers.

Sean commented: "It was a very good read. I mean, I certainly enjoyed reading it. It was an interesting story, really good structure to it, you know, it kept you interested right till the end and you really didn´t know what was going to happen next. I thought at points I did and then it changed into a different direction. It´s not often that you get a script that keeps you in suspense till the very end, so that was one of the reasons. And because I thought it was really interesting as far as the characters are concerned, they were very well rounded, very three dimensional characters and you seem to care for them, you know, care about their lives, and you hope they get through the various dilemmas that they are confronted with."

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