Last Update: 22 January 2002

On Wednesday 16 January 2002, the TV program "Starring" for the Yorin TV-company in the Netherlands had an 4.30 min. item on Tom & Thomas, saying it would be in the movie theaters from Thursday the 24th on.

Sean commented: "I play in a film called Tom and Thomas, written by a wonderful lady called Esme Lammers, Dick Maas producing. It is about a young boy, 10 years old. And he has these dreams and visions. I play his father, an artist. I am his stepfather. It is really a nice story, actually. It is with very talented people over there, very pleasant."

Esme Lammers: "Yes, it was actually wonderful to work with Sean Bean. There were moments ... In my thank you-note to him I wrote: "It has been nice fighting with you". Because at times, we really fought, but, yes, he gave so much in return. He is so very dedicated. You never had to talk him out of the trailer, saying ; "Come on, now", he was immediately present, he knew his lines well, was prepared and had 1001 questions. And sometimes he had an opinion to go this way, and then I would want to go the other way. Than we would have a clash, and something good would come out of it. I really prefer that over someone who comes to work, does his job, but doesn't put his soul into it."

The TV commentator called the film an absolute must for the whole family at spring break (a short school
holiday in February.)

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