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An American family moves to Wales to fix up a house, where they encounter
a sort of nasty ‘tragedy of the land.’ There is an evil there that comes from
a kind of disease of the animals that somehow makes its way into the
humans and this evil has infected the sheep of this farming community.
The people are slaughtering them because they think they’re sick, but in
fact this disease is not a parasite, it’s not medical, it can’t be explained.
It’s something else. It’s a disease of the mind.

The movie is based on a British book called Sheep by Simon Maginn. Fawcett
talked with Fango some time ago about the film saying... "It’s a nice little
psychological horror tale. It has the feel of a ghost story, although it’s not
a ghost story. I really wanted to do a smaller film, with a small cast. I love
movies in that vein, like THE SHINING, THE OTHERS, THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE—
that kind of vibe is what I’m trying to get from THE DARK. It’s a pretty creepy,
sick little story."
- Produced by Jeremy Bolt, whose credits include RESIDENT EVIL and other
films by director Paul W.S. Anderson.


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