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Sean the Sheep Lover
Apr 9 2006
Wales on Sunday
He's one of the nation's favourite baddies but Sean Bean jumped at
playing a part in a movie about demented Welsh sheep!
Although the scary script kept him up all night, Goldeneye star Sean
said it was a relief not to play a psychotic in Welsh-based film The Dark.
Although the film is a horror flick, Sean's character James is a normal
down-to-earth guy and the actor couldn't be more relieved.
'It really is nice to play just an ordinary guy. I do like playing villains
but it's nice to have a break from that. James is a very free-spirited
sort of guy. He's a sculptor and interested in very artistic things. He
loves to be on his own in the wilderness.'
Filmed in the Isle of Man but based on a Welsh novel, called Sheep, by
writer Simon Maginn, the movie stars Sean as a recently separated man
who moves to Wales to find solace.


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