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Maria Bello Breaks Out
Movie Maker
Summer 2004

(edited article / The Dark references only)
(thanks to Terri for typing this)

Randee Dawn (Movie Maker): So here you are on the Isle of Man, what's
it like?

Maria Bello: My God, you can't believe it. They do a lot of films
here -- there's an amazing tax break you get. I've heard people say it's not
very sophisticated, not very romantic, and I got here and I was stunned.
Right now I'm looking out on the promenade where I live and it looks like
Nice, or St. Tropez. If you look into the sea, there's an island with a
castle. I'm looking at a castle right now.

RD: I'm picking up a slight British accent in your voice.

MB: That's so funny that you say that. I'm such a mimicker. Over here
they have a very heavy accent -- they call it Manx. It's very hard, very
similar to Australian, actually.

RD: What's The Dark about?

MB: It's a thriller -- a horror film very much in the vein of The
Others or The Omen. I'm a woman from New York City with an 11-year old
daughter. My husband and I are estranged. He lives in a farmhouse in Wales.
We come to see him because my daughter and I aren't getting along. Within
the first 20 pages, something traumatic happens and I have to fight for my

MB: Lately I've been looking for a sense of humor in everything. We were
doing a read through of The Dark, and I remember saying
'There's a good joke that could go right here.' I'm so interested in
characters who have a sense of humor -- even though it's really dark.

RD: The darker a story is the more you need to show some humor.

MB: Don't you think? That's what I've been showing the producers on
this film, and I think they are going that way now. They've been really
flexible. We've been adding stuff, adding each others ideas, and it's been
fun." ....


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