LOTR - Lord of the Rings actor sacked as filming starts

Last Update: 16 June 2000

18 October 1999

Source: The Telegraph

Lord of the Rings actor sacked as filming starts

By Paul Chapman in Wellington


FILMING of the £90 million film trilogy based on J R R Tolkien's Lord of the
Rings has suffered a setback after it was confirmed last night that the Irish
actor Stuart Townsend had been sacked.

Claire Raskind, a publicist for the production
company, said Townsend had been dismissed
just days after the cameras started rolling in New
Zealand. She said the producers were now
negotiating with the actor Viggo Mortensen and
"someone else" about taking over the role of

Miss Raskind would not comment on the reason
for Townsend's departure except to say that
there had been "creative differences". She
denied that filming in the hills around Wellington
last week was in disarray.

The dismissal was ordered by the director Peter
Jackson, according to insiders on the set. They had been told there was a
problem with "director-actor creative chemistry".

Townsend, 26, the star of the British comedy film Shooting Fish, was
widely regarded as being too young for the part of Aragorn, who is
revealed to be the rightful king of Middle Earth in Tolkien's classic.
Mortensen is 41.

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