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Last Update: 08 April 2002

08 April 2002

Movie Star joins Blades Board

Hollywood star Sean Bean has finally agreed to join the board of his beloved Sheffield United.

Bean is a lifelong United fan and famously sports a tattoo on his left shoulder with the words '100% Blade'.

The move has been on the cards for a considerable period of time, but has now been ratified following a meeting in London over the weekend with a high-powered United official.

It is understood Bean has agreed to make an investment in the club, although the exact figure is at this stage unknown.

In welcoming Bean onto the board, delighted acting chairman Kevin McCabe said: 'Sean is excited with our plans for the future of the club. We are delighted that another true Blade has joined the board of Sheffield United.

'Sean loves the Blades and he is not afraid of telling the world about his support for us. There cannot be too many soccer clubs who have such a high-profile ambassador and fan.'



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