Stormy Monday Cast and Crew Biographies

Last Update: 29 March 2002

ROGER DEXKINS (Director of Photography) studied at the National Film School in Beaconsfield as a stills photogragher. He shot his first film, *'Another Time, Another Place" with director Mike Radford, and subsequently shot Radford's "1984." Deakins's recent credits include "Defence of the Realm," directed by David Drury, Alex Cox's "Sid and Nancy," and the Terry Jones comedy, "Personal Services." He has just completed work on Radford's "White Mischief" in Kenya.

ANDREW McALPINE (Production Designer) started his career in entertainment as a founding member of The Common Stock Theatre in London. He moved on to design for London's National theatre and made his entry into films with masks for Ken Russell's "Tommy." McAlpine has also worked on "Cheap Perfume" and "For Queen and Country" with director Martin Stellman and the acclaimed Alex Cox film, "Sid and Nancy."

DAVID MARTIN (Film Editor) graduated from the Film School of the Regent Street Polytechnic and joined the BBC as an assistant film editor. His professional credits include "Pennies From Heaven,'* "Silence of the Sea," and the Alan Parker film, "The Evacuees."

SANDY POWELL (Costume Designer) has worked extensively with director, designer and performer Lindsay Kemp, designing for his theatre company on such productions as "Nijinsky," "Facade," and the stage and screen versions of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." She has established herself in the world of video and worked with director Derek Jarman on "Caravaggio and "The Last of England."

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