Stormy Monday Cast and Crew Biographies

Last Update: 29 March 2002

Mike Figgis, the writer/director of Atlantic Entertainment Group's "STORMY MONDAY" as well as the composer of its score, was born in Kenya, grew up in Newcastle, England and studied music in London. He played with various rock bands in the late sixties, backing Bryan Ferry and recording with a band produced by the Rolling Stones's Charlie Watts.

In the late seventies, Figgis toured with the People Show, Europe's famed experimental theatre group, visiting the USA, South America, Poland, Yugoslavia and all of the West European countries.

In 1980, he left the People Show to concentrate on his writing along with theatre and film. His productions, including "Redheugh", 'Slow Fade" and "Animals of the City," have gained him a reputation throughout Europe as a highly original, visually exciting writer/director. Often combining his background in music with film and live action, Figgis toured all the major European capitals and won numerous prestigious European theatrical awards for his work.

As a result of the success of his stage show, "Slow Fade", Figgis was commissioned by Channel 4 to write and direct his first film. *'The House," produced by Nigel Stafford-Clark and starring Stephen Rea, Nigel Hawthorne, Dudley Sutton and Ingrid Pitt, received considerable critical acclaim. Despite its complex subject matter, the film attracted the favourable attention of David Puttnam and several of the UK's leading commercial film producers who recognized its visual flair and imaginative use of the film medium. With their encouragement, Figgis developed several feature film scripts, the first of which to go into production was "STORMY MONDAY." His second feature as writer/director, "Liebestraum," is scheduled for production in 1988 and will be shot on location in America.

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