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Sean Bean's addicted to pies
31 Jan 2008
My Park Mag
Sean Bean is so addicted to Fray Bentos pies that he has them flown
to wherever he is working.
The Sheffield-born actor loves the steak and kidney variety of the "pies in
a tin" so much that he has ordered a shipment to be flown to India
when he starts filming 'Sharpe's Peril' in March.
Sean, 48, confessed: "Last time I went to India to film Sharpe, we ate at
least 15,000 curries during filming. I mean, I like curries - but not
for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then Fray Bentos sent me over a
box of meat pies which was great!
"Fray Bentos pies are definitely my guilty pleasure!"
'Sharpe's Peril' will see Sean's character, Captain Richard Sharpe, lead his
team 300 miles through enemy territory while training them in how to be
proper soldiers.
It is the sixteenth segment in ITV's 'Sharpe' story, and will be shown
later this year.


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