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Sean relishes Sharpe role
Published: 06 Feb 2008
The Sun
SEAN Bean is putting an order in for several bottles of a special culinary
treat from his home town to be flown over to India for a TV shoot.
The rugged actor is a big fan of Hendersons Relish - a sauce which is
made and can only be bought in Sheffield.
And he’ll have several bottles sent out to him when he shoots the next
series of Sharpe in Asia so he can drown steak and kidney pies in the stuff.
As TV Biz revealed last week Sean is having a crate of Fray Bentos
cook-in-the-tin pies shipped over when he starts filming Sharpe’s Peril in March.
He said: “Fray Bentos pies are definitely my guilty pleasure!”
But Sean, 48, likes to top his pies off with the relish – a smoother, vegetarian
version of Worcestershire sauce.
And he’s planning getting a stash of the stuff shipped over to India.
A Sheffield source (or should that be sauce) said: “Sean is a big fan of
Hendersons and likes to have it wherever he is in the world.”
Sharpe’s Peril will see Sean’s character Captain Richard Sharpe lead his team
300 miles through enemy territory while training them to be proper soldiers.
It is due to air on ITV later this year.


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