Sharpe's Peril - Press Archive - Sharpe to face 'Peril' in new ITV drama

Sharpe to face 'Peril' in new ITV drama
January 25 2008
By James Welsh, International Editor
Digital Spy

Sean Bean will star in another Sharpe drama for ITV1's Autumn schedule,
the network has confirmed.
ITV director of drama Laura Mackie announced today that Sharpe's Peril,
filmed entirely in India, will pick up the soldier's story where 2006's
Sharpe's Challenge left off.
The new drama will see Sharpe lead his party 300 miles through enemy
territory while training them up to be proper soldiers.
Sharpe will air alongside two other drama commissions announced today:
the three-part Whitechapel, which stars Rupert Penry Jones as a Detective
Inspector investigating a series of Jack the Ripper-like murders, and
The Children, a thriller about step-families starring Kevin Whately.


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