The Making of Sharpe's Peril

Last Update: 19 Oct 2008

All our exterior locations were very dry and great care had to be taken by everyone at all times not to cause a spark or drop anything incendiary which could easily start a major fire. In the jungle, this meant a 'no-smoking' ban so I dug a pit near the Armoury Truck (where it was 'no-smoking' anyway due to explosives on board) for the careful use and safe-deposit of cigarette butts.

In the course of filming, we had to light house-fires on set to simulate such things as bandit raids and enemy shell-fire and one of these did take some handling on the word 'Cut !' : after one particularly hair-raising 'fire-brigade' by Bharat - a member of the SPFX team - I thought he was looking very 'tandoori' so I threw a bucket of cold water over him. On another location after a bout of serious 'gunfire', I later received a handful of ice down the back of my shorts from him in return.

The notorious 'Gang of Four' looking cool in a prison-cell in the fortress of Rajnagurgh : Cha-Cha, Bharat and Suresh (the other member of the clan is taking the photograph).

'Bharat the Brave' of SPFX - with his trusty hand-pumped hosepipe - quickly and efficiently extinguishes an unscheduled fire





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