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Last Update: 22 Oct 2008

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The First Sharpe Chefs Book

Sean Bean fans from all around the world, united by their admiration for Sean in
his role as Richard Sharpe in the popular TV series have come together to
write a recipe book. All royalties will be donated to the National Osteoporosis
Society (NOS) .

Sean Bean, in his introduction to the book, says ‘As a patron of the National
Osteoporosis Society, I am delighted to put my name to this book’.

Sean talks of the important work that the NOS carries out, helping the many
men and women affected by osteoporosis and their families, to cope. He says ‘
By being a part of the Sharpe Chefs, I am able to further support the NOS
and their work’.

Adele James, of the Sharpe Chefs said, “We first got together as admirers of
Sean Bean and his work, and wanted to write a book in aid of one of his
charities in order to 'thank' him for getting us all together as we are now firm

Bernard Cornwell, author of the Sharpe books has written an introduction to the
book and even provided recipes from Richard Sharpe. All recipes are inspired
by the Sharpe series and showcase the international cooking traditions of the
Sharpe Chefs.

The book also contains recipes from Sharpe’s loyal companions, ‘The Chosen
Men’ including a recipe by actor Daragh O’Malley who played Harper in the series.
The book is much more than just a cookbook, containing interesting historical
information about food in Sharpe’s era.

The NOS makes an important contribution to the book with advice and
information about Osteoporosis.
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